PCMCIA Wireless Card Not Working



I am hoping somoene can help me solve the riddle behind this issue...

I have an IBM (Lenovo) T41 Laptop running XP Pro... I have a Wireless
LAN setup as part of my home network, I have two other laptops that
connect to the network via WiFi. Both are T42's, both have internal
miniPCI cards connecting to Linksys Wireless Router/ MS base station
Access Point.

My problem is with my T41... I am using a Microsoft Wireless MN-520
card, this slots into on my T41's PCMCIA. I have not had any issues
with either the laptop or the card before. As of yesterday the
following is occurring.

1. The card no longer has any active lights blinking (the Power/Signal
2. The card however is still detected within device manager as enabled/
without fault
3. Though device manager gives status as OK, the wireless network
connection has dissapeared - Windows Zero Config is started but doesn't
initialize - Network connections doesn't list any wireless connections.
4. Every once in a while plugging the card in starts the new hardware

My confusion lies in the fact if it is the PCMCIA slots then why does
device manager pick up the card... If it is the card then it wouldn't
be picked up in device manager....... If it is a XP issue then I am
dumbfounded as to what the issue is exactly.

Any advice would be seriously appreciated.....




I have a simiilar problem Using XP and a 2wire card with adapter in a
PC. Wireless network running fine with 2wire home portal This computer
used to use this card and run wireless with this card. We moved it
close to the portal and wired it to free up a card. I am assuming my
husband uninstalled the driver. Now we are playing musical computers
again to make room for new dell. The 2wire configuration manager
program detects the card and says it is fine, but tells me there is no
driver installed. Device manager doesn't see the card so I can't
install the driver. I don't know how to do it any other way without
the wizard, or if it would work with the driver install if the device
manager doesn't see it anyway.

Any ideas




I'm tempted to say the card likely quit. Unfortunately, it may also be that
there is a problem with power via the PCMIA slot.
Can you test the card in another system, or perhaps in another PCMIA slot?

The System will see the card if the buss I/O is working. Most of the PCMIA
cards have a diagnostic that can be used to see if the card is actually
functional. You may need to download it from the mfrs website.

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