pclose() failing on Win2000



I've been using NMAKE.EXE (Visual Studio 6) as well as CVS for quite a
while under Windows 2000 SP4 but recently noticed a problem were those
programs are failing. Since the first of September I have noticed some
program failures. My system is regularly updated from the Microsoft
Update Site, so I assume as some point, one of the updates may have
caused this change in behavior. This is the case on two different
Win2000 SP4 up-to-date systems I have access to. One is a old laptop
that I don't install anything, it is used primarily for backup

nmake fails with "NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cl.exe' : return code
'0x1'" after any command. This is the case from a command line build
or if I try to build from within Visual Studio.

'cvs release' was failing with "unable to release `modulename'".

I obtained source to cvs and built a debug version and traced the
problem to a 'pclose()' statement returning an error code of '0x1'.

Using a simple popen/pclose example from MSDN I see the same problem.
popen() is successful, reads are valid from the pipe, but then
pclose() returns 0x1. The same sample program when run under WinXP is
successful, i.e., pclose() returns 0x0.

Also, after calling pclose(), I call GetLastError() which returns a
return code of 109 on both Win2000 and WinXP, but for some reason,
under Win2000, pclose returns 0x1 with causes NMAKE, as well as CVS to
fail. I suppose other programs using popen/pclose may also fail under
Win2000 if they expect pclose() to return nothing but 0x0.

I know I can rebuild cvs, but all works well on WinXP, but just
recently started failing on Win2000. Any ideas or suggestions?


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