PCI Express power connection for Nvidia Geforce 6800 PCIe card



I have question about the some NVIDIA Geforce 6800 PCI express video cards
that I won in a eBay auction. These are stock NVIDIA Geforce 6800 PCI
express cards that are pulls from some Dell Dimension computers. Got I'm
for about $200 each on eBay and I'm going to install them in a MSI K8N
Neo4/SLI motherboard in SLI mode. The cards have the SLI bridge connector
which I confirmed so they will run in SLI mode. . The PSU (Power Supply
Unit) that I purchased for my new game rig is the PC Power and Cooling Turbo
Cool Express 510/SLI which is designed specifically for SLI configured
machines. I think it is the best PSU out there today for a SLI gaming
computer. it has 2 PCI express power connectors specifically for the video
cards but I'm not sure if I'll need them with the video cards . Does
anybody know if the NVIDIA Geforce 6800 PCIe card requires external power
connections of not.? I know that they are pulls from DELL Dimension
computers. Also does anybody who might have these exact cards know what
model/class they are in, for example are they Geforce 6800 GT or Geforce
6800 LE or Geforce 6800. If you have this information please reply ASAP.

Thank You


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