PC to Stereo System?



I would like to connect my PC to my stereo using a wireless system. I
currently have a home network using a DSL modem connected to a linksys
BEFSR41 router. I want to keep the "hard wired" router for my computers but
would like to attached a wireless device to the router (or computer) that
would be able to send the audio signal to a receiver that connects to the
left and right RCA "audio in" jacks on the back of the stereo amp. I think
Sony makes something like this but it's kind of expensive. I was looking for
something a little less expensive. Thanks, Mike

PC: P4 2.4 gig, I gig ram, SoundBlaster Audigy, ATI 128mb AIW, Win XP Home.




Did you try linksys site? There's a "wireless home solutions" or such and
you have the option to link your router to youyr receiver. I'd check the
audiophile sites, though, for opinions and reviews of such wifi setups -
mainly sound quality, noise.

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