pbm with Hybrid sleep mode



Hi everybody,

got this new problem with my Dell Vostro 410 desktop /Vista Ultimate. And it
is not easy for me to translate from French. Sorry about that.

The Hybrid sleep mode is not available any more in the advanced power
management settings tag.

There I can only adjust the "basic sleep" timing and "Hybernation" (?)

It was definetely available and activated before. How can I restore this
mode ?

Is there a relationship between this mode and some Bios settings ? (after I
had had problems with my USB devices when resuming operation after standy, a
Dell support tech lead me to modify the Power management settings in my
BIOS. I remember modifying a particular setting to go from ACPI mode S3 to
S1. Something like that).

Thanks in adavnce for your kind help.
with best rgds,




Start command prompt (Start-Run-"cmd <cr>" )and type "powercfg -a".
this will give you the available sleep states and explain why it's not
available if any.

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