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Morning all.
I'm seeking to protect specific cells within a given worksheet. I've been
reading some of the newer posts on the topic, and see that I'm to first go
in, unlock cells that I want accessible, and then once all cells are
configured- locked or unlocked state- I go to the Review Tab, select Protect
Sheet, choose the options I want users to have access to, and select/enter
the desired password- twice.

Once I do this, all appears to be as desired, until I try to insert or
delete a row-- something I'd specifically allowed for on my unlocked
It doesn't matter if I try to select the entire row, or just a few cells.
And yes, I do have locked cells above, and below my unlocked rows/cells.

Are the locked cells below what's preventing my inserting more rows?
Thank you.



Gord Dibben

Normal behaviour is you can insert rows anywhere on the sheet when set to

Locked cells above and below will not prevent insertion.

Right-click on a row header and "Insert"

But you cannot delete rows if even one cell in that entire row is locked.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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