Overwritting a file association


Nicolas Caron


I am trying to have my application overwrite a file type association
when it runs (to allow our users to associate our old file formats to
the newer version of our application).

I am going in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MyFileType.Document\shell\Open\command

There just like I expected the default value points to the associated
application for this file type. That said there is also another value
named "command" of the REG_MULTI_SZ type that contains a bunch of
"random" characters. If I only overwrite the (Default), the file type
is still associated with the old application. If I delete the "command"
value, now the new value put in (Default) is taken into account.

So here's my question :
Is there any potential problems to deleting the "command" key? And if
so, how can I modify it to make sure the files now open with my new

Thanks in advance


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