Outlook XP weird rule problem




Here is a strange problem that has foxed me for a while, any help

A client of mine has rules set up within Outlook XP, mail from
specified users get redirected to a folder within a PST.

About 6 months ago, a problem arose, when mail was sent from certain
contacts, the mail was redirected to the specified folder, but 3 or 4
instances of the same mail message appeared also.

We deleted the rules, set them up again, and all was fine. Until last

Exactly the same problem has started again.

I have searched Microsoft KB, but can't find anything like this. Has
anyone come across this, or have an idea of a possible fix. The client
doesn't want to keep deleting & re-creating rules.

This problem is unique to the user, within the domain. He has an XP
SP1 workstation, running Office XP SP1, soon to be SP2. They utilise
an Exchange 5.5 server from a trusted domain, so I can't get access to
the server. Does 5.5 keep a copy of the rule? If so, I can contact the
relevant department, and hopefully remove the server side rule.

Any help greatfully appreciated.


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