Outlook problem, cache mode, outlook0.ost, windows desktop search



Hi, here's a relatively tough one for the forum's gurus.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 on a Dell XPS M1530 laptop with Intel Cor
Duo at 2Ghz with 2GB RAM. I am running Office 2003 Professiona
Edition, Firefox, McAfee Viruscan Enterprise 8.5.0i, Windows Deskto
Search 4.0, Skype and a few more apps, but not that much cra

I run Outlook in cache mode, with the outlook0.ost file being at 301M
and the Exchange mailbox size is 271Mb (I just compacted the OST file)
I currently have 5 PST files for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 yea
emails. For professional reasons I should keep all my emails
appointments. Their sizes are respectively 0.2Gb, 1.7Gb, 2,7Gb, 3.5G
and 3.4Gb. The current-year PST stores everything older than 2 months
I don't expect 2008 and 2009 PST files to grow over 4Gb. By the way
all PSTs are recently compacted.

I have Windows Desktop Search setup to index all PST files as this i
something I really need (I might perform 10 email searches per day, 50
including <2008 emails). WDS also indexes "My Documents" with abou
5.000 items, while the whole index (including the PST files) goes t
about 250.000 items.

Both My Documents folder and the PST files are on an encrypte
partition using Truecrypt 6.0a with Twofish. TC's benchmarks report
125Mb/sec read and 119MbMb/sec wirte speeds with the 1Mb buffer option
averaging to 122Mb/sec. This is second to AES cipher performance whic
gets 138, 138 and 138 respectively. That's about 13% faster tha
Twofish on my system. If needed, I can change from Twofish to AES
think. However, I cannot do without encryption.

The PST files were defragmented about 15 days ago and specially th
'04, '05, '06 and '07 don't get any changes nowadays.

Overall, the laptop's experience is decently good, I don't have to muc
crap installed in it. I can simultaneaously run Outlook, Firefox, Excel
Photoshop, Skype and something else quite well.

The problems I am experiencing are Outlook-related. When I run it, i
might take a few secs to sync the inbox but that's fine. Running a WD
search will find emails pretty well & fast.

However, after a few minutes I will start getting a popup with thi

"{mypathhere}\outlook0.ost is in use and cannot be accessed. Close an
application that is using this file, and then try again".

Appart from the annoying popup (which might come in bundles of 3-
every 10-15 minutes), the worst effect is the fact that it makes th
PST files unavailable from Outlook. They still appear on the lef
folder menu and WDS can still find and show me their emails in th
preview pane (because they are indexed) but I cannot open them. Th
only way around I have found so far is to restart Outlook and do th
searching *before* I get the popups again.

When I travel and I have slower connections, this tends to happen mor
often so I suspect there's something to do with network problems..
although this should not be the case at our office (where pinging th
Exchange server give a consistent 1ms).

Reducing the number of open PST files open from Outlook seems to help
Right now, I have only 2007 & 2008 and I haven't being blocked for 2
minutes but this is painful because WDS is right now de-indexing th
older PSTs so once I open them again (1) they will not be searchabl
and (2) WDS will need quite some CPU cycles and time to re-index them
So I really need to have all PSTs available at all times.

I think there might be some problem with WDS. When the popup appears,
see a few READ REQUESTS to outlook0.ost from both OUTLOOK.EXE an
searchprotocolhost.exe returning a a SHARING VIOLATION error usin
Sysinternal's Filemon app. Many other READ REQUESTS return SUCCES
though. It's like WDS and Outlook interfere with each other until WD
blocks access to the OST and the the PST files are unreadable... !??

I hope I have given all the needed info... now it's time for you guru
help me somehow :)

Thanks in advance


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