Outlook opens PDF files by itself



I have Outlook 2000 as part of the Office 2000 Suite installed on a Windows
XP Pro machine. Whenever I receive a PDF file from someone, Outlook opens it
by itself, resulting in gibberish characters. I have Acrobat 5 on the PC and
I have made sure that MIME support is on in Outlook. Also, in file
association, I make sure that all pdf files are to be opened with Acrobat.

The weird thing is this does not happen all the time, only with some pdf
files. In other times, the PDF files just appear as an icon in Outlook and I
can open it with Acrobat fine.

Do I need to instead Acrobat Reader or update Outlook to 2002 or 2003 or
just Service Pack Office 2000? It has no SP right now.


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