Outlook is coming apart!



I've got Outlook 2007 on WinXP SP2. For a while I've had occasional
crashes while navigating through my inbox with the preview pane open.
Now the wheels seem to be coming off, and it takes the whole computer
with it. A few examples:

- The title bar turns black
- The scroll bar does not refresh graphically (it looks like hundreds
of overlapping scroll bar handles), also the message section at the
lower right just continuously overwrites on itself.
- I get various bizarre errors when trying to open attachments (low
quota, dll error, weird codes)
- When outlook is even open, I can't do basic things like just now
opening windows explorer (it said insufficient resources). I tried to
open Firefox and nothing happened.
- Closing outlook makes things recover, except outlook which will go
back to previous state

Any ideas? I'm almost thinking virus, but I've got a virus program
fully up to date and scanned. I've got plenty of disk space, and the
size of my message file is low by most standards I think. I've purged
tons of old mail in attempt to help things out. I thought I saw a
correlation of problems with viewing folders with over 1000 messages,
but I'm not sure. Should that be a problem?



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