Outlook interconnection with Notes/Domino


Mikko T

I use Outlook XP with Notes Domino 5 sever via outlook connector. Everything
works fine, except one/two minor glitch. I earlier posted a question here,
where i thought the text was bold etc. But now it is getting more simplier
this thing.

Whenever I receive a message from our server's account (means "internal
e-mail"), the font of the message body text is transformed into "system". No
matter what font was displayed in the Notes-window when composed (usually
Arial), the result in Outlook is always "system". If I receive external
e-mail, i get it right: plain text is plain text, HTML is HTML and RTF is

When I reply into one internal message, the font stays of course the same
(system), and the compose-window offers me composing in RTF-format. If I now
select all (ctrl+a) and change the font to Arial, everything looks just like
it should, also in the recipient's machine. But when I get anoter reply to
the very same message/thread, the font is still changed into system again.

When I compose an RTF-message with outlook and send it to myself, it is
transformed into HTML-format when read again in Outlook. The font stays the
same but line spacing is bigger an so on. Its better but still quite weird.

So, I guess the case is somehow in the Domino-server or interconnection
between Domino and outlook. Any ideas? I've contacted my helpdesk if they
could adjust some font setting, but they say that it can be only affected in
everybody, not just me, and ask, why the hell I need that kind of things?
And since this is a monkeyass Notes-house, I can't say that I'm using a way
more better tool than the monkeyass-Notes users or after that i have a lack
of support and get too much envy and bitter looks! Could somebody just come
and sell an Exhange-system here? :)

The other minor glitch that i mentioned is that during the send/receive the
Outlook hangs for a second or two, but i guess that just has to be. Any news
about the Outlook Connector for Outlook 2003?

Thank You!


remove one dot and "decrypt" the suffix


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