Outlook hangs if attachments come from other than Desktop orDocuments folder


David Karr

I'm on Office 2010 on Win7SP1.

I recently noticed that Outlook will sometimes hang if I try to send an email with attachments. When I say "hang", I mean I've waiting tens of minutes before giving up and killing Outlook, when it normally takes less than a second to send an email.

Along with some support people, I've managed to narrow this down to what folder the attached file came from. If the file came from the Desktop or Documents folder, it is fine. Anywhere else (at least all the locations I've tried so far), Outlook hangs forever.

It doesn't matter what the perm bits are on the file. I've tried attachingfiles with "Full Control", and if the file isn't in either of those two folders, it hangs forever.

This started happening at least a few weeks ago, and has been pretty consistent throughout.

What could be causing this?


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