outlook 2010 bugs


Alain Bourgeois

These bugs are reproducable (office pro 2010, win xp sp 3, upgraded from
office pro 2007).
Outlook 2007 didn't have these bugs on same computer.

1. I have 4 outlook accounts, 4th is hotmail account. (plugin hotmail has
been updated)
when doing send/receive all, he can send through hotmail (so uid/pass is
right), but he doesn't write "receiving" and tells error 0x80004005
synchronizing mail account. Error 4203.

2. I have a contact, let's say john smith, with an e-mail address. When
clicking "new e-mail", then typing john smith, clicking on "Check names", he
doesn't find it. Even worst, typing the first name, he doesn't even propose
contact in suggestions, and if I click on "show more names", he proposes the
right contact. Shouldn't he propose the name of contacts folder, if it is
typed correctly?



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