Outlook 2007 w/BCM Error Messages




Not sure which version of Exchange Server we run, my guess is Exchange 2003
still, but I have Outlook 2007 w/BCM SP1 one installed on my work laptop
running XP Pro SP3. We also have Blackerry Server for picking up our work
email on our Berry devices.

Whenever I get my notification that an email has been sent, and I am
promptemd to choose which version I want to keep (I guess for some reason
since we use both Berry for Enterprise and Exchange there is a conflict on
items that get delivered to both my handheld device and into my
Exchange/Outlook 2007 Inbox), I keep getting an error message popping up. It
says in the dialog box:

Business Contact Manager for Outlook: The object does not support this method.

Is this somehow related to the autolink email feature I use with some of the
contacts I have in BCM? Or is this something else?



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