Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007 SSL


Andy Smith


I have Exchange 2007 with SP1 and Outlook 2007 installed in my organisation.
I have setup SSL certs on the web site in IIS using host headers.

I publish these using ISA 2006.

Now, the problem I am having is Outlook 2007 'sees' the server as it's
computer name, mail-01 for example. The SSL cert is setup to use
mail.domainname.co.uk as this is what our ISP provided. This is in turn
causing Outlook to complain that it doesn't like to certificate as the names
don't match.

I have tried forcing Outlook to use the mail.domainname.co.uk in it's
config, but it automatically reverts to it's real computer name.

What can I do to stop the certificate error..?

Thanks very much/...


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