Outlook 2003 pdf's converting to dat's



Well this is my 3rd post. I got no response on the first one, I can't find
the second one and the link in the email sent to me does not take me there so
here goes again!.

We had huge exchange problems one day on the server and had to reload the
msdata file. Ever since then one of our employees, who may have caused some
of the problems sending massive files out, cannot always send pdfs to people
and have them arrive as pdfs. Some of the recipients get them as .dat files.
He is sending them as HTML. Other employees can send the same file and same
pdf to the same recipient and they get it with no problems. Which leads to
me beleive that there might be some sort flag in the background that I need
to change or something. We are runnign xp on the the machine and 2000 on the

Hopefully I will be able to see this one.



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