Outlook 2003 & Install BCM



I am attempting to install BCM with Outlook 2003.

I recently upgraded from OulookXP (and all of officeXP) to Outlook 2003.
After installing the Office Pro Suite I down loaded all the updates and
applied them.

I then attempted to install BCM (on a seperate disk). The unstuctions did
not discolose to initialize BCM and I opened Oulook 2003. The system prompted
me to create a data base. It semmed to create the DB and then a notice staing
that the BCM had encounter a problem and would shut down.

I re-started Outlook and the app would not start it just fail claiming BCM
had encountered a problem. There is a check box to start with out BCM and I
checked it. Outlook will not run. I un-installed BCM through the add/remove
programs of Control panel.

I have removed BCM, but in the disable add-ins I have BCM & a blank entry
with no name.

I am running XP-Pro with all updates to date on a Dell Inspiron 5100 with
about 10G of free space on the HDD.

I realy want to run BCM and get rid of ACT!. Any thoughts?


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