Outlook 2003 & Exchange 2003



I've got a student 2003 domain in native mode, with a 2003 exchange server.
We are teaching an Office class in a couple weeks, and for some reason, the
students need to be domain admins (and no, that's not an option) to create
the Outlook profile. Once the profile is created, Outlook appears to run
normally under default user permissions. We've tried making the students
local admins (and local power users), and but it still fails to resolve the
student's name during the profile creation. The specific error is:

"The bookmark is not valid" (if you use a partial user name)
"The name could not be resolved. The bookmark is not valid." (if you use
the full user name)

In the past, students have always accessed their email with OWA, so we never
noticed the problem. Any suggestions?


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