Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003 - Where are Outlook Settings Located?



I have a client who has 2 domains, an old NT4 box is one domain and is only
used for network logons. A seperate Wink2k domain with AD is used for
exchange. All users have exactly the same username and logon in both domains.
We want to remove the NT4 box ASAP for obvious reasons, and move the users
totally to the Win2k domain.

It's a small shop, so our thinking is to use the Files and Settings Transfer
Wizard to copy the user's profile from the NT account domain to the Win2k
domain on each client computer via running the wizard 1st logged into the NT
domain, storing the profile on the hard drive, then logging into the Win2k
domain and use the wizard to basically "import" the profile. I've tried this
and it does a decent job. It appears that Outlook 2003 has to be
reconfigured since the Wizard only deals with Outlook Express settings.
Oddly enough, Outlook rules seem to transfer over, however, signatures and
archive data file settings are lost. Are there some file(s) I can copy over
to the Win2k profile to preserve all the Outlook settings? Or, is there a
better way to accomplish this task? I've looked into USMT but the download
only seems to give me the help files - can someone also point me to the
source for this tool?

Thanks for your help and advice - much appreciated as I am moving into
unknown territory here.



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