[outlook 2003][Connector for Domino] sent mail folder & Domino server



Hello everyone,
I'm currently doing a test of Outlook 2003 and the Outlook connector for
It seems to be working ok to get mail and attached file (even with Notes
client 6.0 CF2 although it is said to have problem with ? ...)

However I encounter a problem while sending mail :
When I send an email from Outlook 2003 using my notes account,
the message go in the sent mail folder in "Personal Folder"
.... BUT is not copied in the "sent mail" folder linked with the Notes
(I have also a classical pop account configured with outlook 2003)

I checked then on my Notes client, and indeed the message is not seen as a
sent item on the server.
(This is just a problem of saving sent mail on my notes server,
and not a problem of sending mail as the mail seems to be correctly sent)

For the moment, the workaround I've found is to create a rule to make a copy
of each sent mail in the 'sent mail' folder associated to my Notes mailbox.

I've done some searches on the web but it was unsucessful.

Any help would be welcomed. Thanks a lot in advance.

With my best regards,


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