Other sheets to pick data from master sheet



Is there any way to fill in one master sheet only and then this will
automatically fill in the other sheets on the same file by checking if master
sheet has been modified by something new which isn’t in the rother sheets.
Eg: master sheet contains all the debtors which I update on regular basis.
Other tabs use ‘vlookup’ or ‘sumif’ formulas to calculate and present eg 90
days+ debts outstanding, Total Debts outstanding, list of all the debtors,
list of new debtors etc.
If there is a new entry on the master tab, other tabs wont pick this info
until I ‘vlookup’ on the master tab, look for errors (#N/A) then manually
pate to the respective tabs.
Is there any way for each tab to find/pick any new entry from the master tab?
Please help. Thanks in advance.




This can pretty much only be done with VBA code, or with the manual method
you're already using.
To provide useful VBA operation, someone would have to be able to see
exactly how your workbook and its sheets are currently laid out, and get a
description of what needs to be done when a new entry is made on the master
sheet. Although someone could infer what needs to be done from the other
sheets, it's always best to also get a description to minimize problems in
setting up the code.

I might be willing to give it a go at no cost if it turns out to be
relatively small, one-time deal. You can contact me at (remove spaces)
HelpFrom @ jlatham site.com

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