OT YouTube comments section, interesting improvements


John Doe

If you enjoy interaction, check out YouTubes videos comments
sections. They have made some interesting little improvements to the
threading of comments under videos. Something like this...

If you initiate a comment and then delete it, all follow-up comments
get deleted. In other words... You own the thread! I've always wanted
to own the thread.

You can disable follow-up comments.

Comments are no longer restricted to 500 characters. Comments are
collapsed to about three lines.

The thread is collapsed to two or three replies.

When you "thumbs up" your friends posts/replies, they get notified,
so comradery is rewarded.

The only change I don't like is having to click on "Newest first"
every time I look at the next video's comments.

The video owner probably still owns the video comments section, so
it's moderated. In addition to the clueless global YouTube
moderators. It's not like USENET that way. But that's another


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