OT: Central backup Systems


Tim Guy

I'm looking to implement a backup solution for two sites. Each site having
its own central backup device.

Both sites are running about a terabyte of storage. It has been suggested to
me that an HP Storageworks 1016 SDLT Autoloader would do the trick. This
autoloader has 1 160/320 SDLT drive in it

The key thing is I want to do a total backup each night, rather than a
complete weekend backup and then rolling backups through out the week.

There are 10 servers, 1 of which is a exchange server, 2 of which are SQL
servers. All servers have Gb nics in them, all servers running on a central
core which. Backup time is from 11pm till 6.30am.

Has anyone used this kit before. I know the specs of the through put say it
will but do you think I could backup that amount of data in 6 and half hours
using this autoloader (or equivalent)???? Or should I be looking at another




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