Oracle Updates with DataAdapter failing



Well, it appears that the designer generated bogus code. When I
drag/dropped the table onto my form the SQL statements seemed to be
generated reasonably well, but all of the Parameters.Add() calls included
the colon character in front of the parameter name. I noticed explicit
documentation that the colon was not to be used in this situation.

I fixed this manually, but my DataAdapter.Update() call still updates 0 rows
even though I have just modified a row in the DataTable. No error, just
doesn't update anything.

I'm going to write my own update statement and blow off these time saving
designer tools, but I would be curious if anyone knows why this fails??

PS: I see no way to determine exactly what the resulting SQL statement is
from the Data Adapter (hm, SQL Logging seems like a pretty nice feature to
add to VS.NET there, MS folks!!! My former company built this sanity-saver
into our client/server development tools way back in the early 90's).


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