Options Won't Stick



Most application save settings to be used in future documents. I cannot get
Excel 2003 to do likewise. I want all future books and sheets to open
without gridlines and to contain my macros. I have saved Book.xlt &
Sheet.xlt in either and both a)Docuiments & settings, user, .... XLStart and
b) Programs Files, office, XLStart. Nothing seems to work as a default.

I need to create a new blank workbook and have it the way I want, and same
for inserting new sheets.

Odd, though, the setting for the number of sheets in new blank workbooks and
the number of recently opened files to display do stick. So what about the
rest of the settings?



Dave Peterson

I'd use windows start button|search to look for all the book.xlt and sheet.xlt

Maybe you have multiple versions and excel isn't using the one you want.

Gord Dibben

Save both customized Book.xlt and Sheet.xlt as Templates under File>Save As>Save
as Type.......Template(*.xlt)?

Save to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel

One thing to note............

File>New...Blank workbook will give you the default Excel workbook which you
cannot change so no way of "fixing" that.

File>New(no ellipsis) or clicking the the New File Icon or CTRL + n will give
you your customized workbook.

Insert>Worksheet will give you your customized worksheet.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

Gord Dibben

Should read......

Save to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application
Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART folder.





The issue is fixed - finally. I had read book.xlt, sheet.xlt and
personal.xls should be hidden, so I marked them hidden. It finally dawned on
my that Excel probably won't even see them so I made them visible.

Now personal.xls loads but isn't seen and my formatting and macros are good.

Thanks for your help.


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