Operation Failed



I have Outlook 2002 and use XP home

Several times over the past few months I boot up and start Outlook to find
it just setting there. When I send/receive I get an "operation failed"
message. (Note this is not "Operation failed because an object could not be
found" message, which I think is different.)

To resolve this issue, based on reading this site, I delete my proifle. Then
try to add a new one. But when I click on add profile, nothing happens. In
other words I cannot add a profile.

In the end I have used the CDs to reinstall or rather repair Outlook. This
is a pain because I have to reassign everything.

What could be causing this instability?

Some possible issues.
I have SP2.
I recently switched to a new laptop.
I now use wireless LAN.
I moved the pst file from the default location to my documents so that it is
part of my general backup. (Could this be the issue?)

Is there anyway to stablize Outlook?



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