Opening Query in Design View




I am using Access 2007 B2T2. I am trying to open a query in design view but get an error. The same query opens fine in design view in Access 2000.

The exact error message is this (with quotes I added on either end):
"" is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long."

Yes, the error begins with just a quotation mark. Of course I can't open the query to see what the problem is.

I discovered that this problem with viewing a query in Design View is somehow related to showing more than one table or query in the design of that query.

ANY query I have that is based on more than one query or table has this problem. EVERY query I have based on only one table or query opens fine in Design view.

Does that provide any help to determine what the problem is?


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