Opening .DOCX files in a browser



Not sure if this is an IE7 or Word issue, but here goes. We have a HR
website, which has links to employee forms. Two of teh links are Word 07
documents, and when some of our employees click on the links they are
prompted to open or save. If they choose open, they are confronted with the
following error message " The file you are downloading cannot be opened by
the default program. It either is corrupted or it has an incorrect file
type." I click on the exact same links and the files open right up. We are
running Vista Business SP1, and office 2007. I looked up a MS KB article but
it said that this could be related to custom MIME types for files and would
be fixed by installing SP1. We already have SP1 at our organization. Could
this be something else such as an IE or Word setting or am I barking up the
wrong tree?

Thanks in advance,


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