Open Excel 07 in IE7



We have an office intranet (I'm running IE7.0) that links to various QA type
docs, one of which is an excel spreadsheet (abc.xls)

The .xls file was created in Excel 2003 and I had no problem opening or
editing the .xls file either within Excel itself or once opened from the

I have recently updated Office on my PC from 2003 to 2007, and now the
problems have started.

I can still open, edit etc the file from within Excel no problem (running in
Compatability Mode), but when I click on the hyperlink within the Intranet
site to open the abc.xls file the following happens:-

Excel Opens, but the file is not displayed. The file has been opened as the
cell range info is displayed in the Excel toolbar. If you change the view to
Full Screen and minimise Excel, then maximise Excel, the abc.xls file is then
correctly displayed in Full screen mode and is fully editable as required.

Does anybody know why the file is not displayed correctly when first opened?


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