Only a few messages at a time get displayed in the Sent folder(Outlook 2013)




I have a Yahoo Mail IMAP account configured in Outlook 2013, and when I click on the Sent folder, only a few of the messages in it get downloaded (say, between 20 and 100) and then the syncing stops. When I click "Update folder" again only a few more messages get pulled in before it stops. To display all the 10,000+ messages I have in the folder, I'd have to sit there for days, clicking "Update folder" again and again...

The other curious thing is that it seems to download the messages from the past month only and then jumps back to year 2002 and starts working its wayforward from there.

And, finally, another bit of weirdness: on the first few updates, I can seethe "FILTER APPLIED" message in the lower left-hand corner. When I click on it, though, an empty Filters window pops up, showing that no filters are configured.

I have tried removing and recreating the account, but there was no improvement. Nothing like this never happened with Outlook 2010, or Thunderbird or any other email clients -- they all work just fine, pulling in all the messages in any of the folders, including "Sent", on the first try.

Hope someone can help...


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