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Sorry for the 2nd post on this but I waited a couple of days for an answer.
I have Office 2007 SP2 running on all my clients. We have 97-2003 templates
that we have been using for a couple of years prior to the upgrade in Office.

I have noticed that some of these templates are extremely slow typing when
being used on Word 2007. Also the CPU spikes when you open them and try to

I have tried removing all the add-ins on Word and also deleting the and this has not fixed the issue. I also tried renaming the
templates to a DOTM or DOTX and this didn't fix the issue either.

Will I have to recreate all these templates in Word 2007?

Please let me know



Graham Mayor

There has been no answer because this sort of problem is very difficult to
diagnose from a distance and I guess no-one wanted to stick their neck out
and offer a solution that might not work.
Renaming a template from dot to dotx or dotm will not make the old template
into a 2007 template. Word can recognize its own documents from the
underlying document structure. To create a 2007 template you should open the
template in Word 2007 then save it as a dotx or dotm template from Word.
(dotm if the template contains macros). That might be a useful first step.
How well it will work will rather depend on what the template(s) contain.

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