Oddness with external cd/cd Player


Brian Q


I;m using Windows XP, SP2 with an external DVD writer. Everything had been
fine for months. Then all of audden, when i click on E: (external dvd drive)
from the My Computer options.. I receive an error something about "windows
cannot open the file because it doesnt have an association... go to folder
options and adjust"

After a bunch of effort and seraching, somehow the error no longer appears
and I can at least open a windows to display all the files on the cd/dvd. I
was previous only able to see the files by clicking on Explore. However, the
cd continues to show (even factory created) cd's with file sizes that are
only 2k and are designated as "LiveIcons2ObjClass"... i can click on them and
windows will pplay the wav file thru media player...

it is interesting to note that this problem does not occur when using a dvd
that includes a variety of files, avi, wav, mp3 etc...

i have done a system restore to last week, even though the problem siomply
cropped up overnight for no reason wh ile the pc was off. virus and malware
scans show no issues.

if i insert the cd in the internal drive, it shows the same problem-- but
yet again dvd's with data show fine.

what the heck is going on and how might i fix it?



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