ODBC bad connection



I have an access FE linked to SQL backend. I am just
testing the connection of another workstation to the
server. when I linked another workstation to the server
everything went smooth, however only one table that when I
tried to open I got the following message:
"ODBC--Connection to 'CRF_BCFE' Failed"

the "CRF_BCFE" is the name of the front end. I can open
the table in the design view but not in the datasheet
view. When I relink the table on the workstation it works
fine but the problem now happens with the server itself.
If I try to open that table on the server, I get the same
error message. If I relink the table on the server the
workstation will then have the problem? you get the idea.
I do not know why this particular table, if all other
tables work fine on the server and the workstation? any
help will be appreciated. thanks


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