Object Browser & Intellisense do not match in VS.NET IDE




These are the steps I did:

1. I created a COM-wrapper for my Outlook.tlb for
Outlook10 in VS.NET IDE.
2. I used tlbimp to sign the wrapper with a strong name
(this was because I was getting an error which said there
was no strong name in the assembly)
3. I used ildasm to create the intermediate language file.
4. I changed all the "private" sinkhelper qualifier
to "public"
5. I used ilasm to recompile the component.
6. I used GACUTIL to add it to global assembly cache.
7. I created a new project and added a reference to this
8. In the object browser, I am seeing
Interop.Outlook.application class (Interop.Outlook being
the name of the component I compiled and I guess
Interop.Outlook namespace was created for me internally)
but when I try to create an instance of the object by
using intellisense, intellisense shows me only the
application interface and not the class! So during
runtime, when I try to assign the application object
coming from the OnConnection Event to this instance I am
trying to connect to, I am getting an error saying
that "No such interface supported Source: mscorlib" from
my Try-Catch error handling.
9. So, I tried to Cast it but I am not really sure what
should I cast it to?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as without this
addin, I am not able to track lot of information.




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