ntfs drive converted itself into raw drive



I have 2 hard drives in my pc running xp pro. 1 is a 20 gb that was setup as fat32 for boot disk and the other is an 80 gb drive setup as ntfs. My 20 gb drive died and I had to reformat it and reinstall windows xp on it. I setup the 20 gb drive as ntfs this time hoping that I wouldnt have any problems getting to 80 gb. After I did the 80 gb drive says its a raw drive and I cant access it. The drive had over 60 gb of programs and data on it and most cant be replaced. Is there a way to convert drive back to ntfs and get my data back? I tried sys restore but its not seeing any dates beyond today (2-24-04) and says drive must be formated
PLEASE dont lecure me on doing backups. I know this is how most people learn how to spell backup but I was hoping by drive being ntfs I would have a better chance of data recovery that fat32
Please help if at all possible. i went all thru tech support on MS.com with no help


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