No tv out on Nvidia



I have a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 graphic card in a media center pc where
the only display is the tv set connected to the s-video out.

The problem is that when I turn on the pc nothing is displayed on the tv
until the operating system loads the graphic card drivers. So I can't see
the bios screen, I can't enter the bios setup, I can't boot with a DOS
floppy, I can't see the text console in Linux and anything before the
high-level drivers are loaded...

I've tried adding one 75 ohm resistor in parallel whith the luminance out
and another one to the chrominance out, just to be sure that the output
were correctly terminated (and perhaps the tv-out recognized) but the
problem remains.

I don't want to add a vga monitor every time I need to see bios and/or
console messages.

Is there a way to enable tv-out for all the video modes, just as the vga
out normally does? Perhaps changing the videocard bios?

Thanks for answering.


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