"no floppy in drive"


Dave Gower

I have an old Panasonic CF-25 laptop with Win 98 which I bought used
recently to do odd jobs and as a backup to my new P4 desktop. It has
removable CD and floppy drives which fit into the same slot. After I loaded
all my required software with the CD I inserted the floppy drive so I could
have a data backup. I took one of the floppies I was using on the desktop to
use for this purpose. Since I wasn't sure how old the floppy was I decided
to format it on the laptop just to be sure it was good and there were no
compatibility problems.

Now the strange part. The laptop can read the floppy off My Computer, and
can save and read from it. But when I try to format it keeps telling me
there is no floppy in the drive or the door is open, both of which are
definitely not true. Even though the floppy does work as backup, this
failure to find it for format makes me nervous. Do I have a software
problem, is there a physical problem with my drive, or am I missing
something obvious and simple?


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