NN 7 problems



1. To show the sort order in a datagrid, a label is added to the datagrid
header in the ItemCreated event (this method is taken from a book):
With lblSorted
..Font.Name = "Webdings"
..Font.Size = FontUnit.XSmall
..Text = IIf(blnSortDir, " 5", " 6")
End With

This label is rendered as
<span style="font-family:Webdings;font-size:X-Small;"> 5</span>

In IE 6 it appears as a triangle (as expected); in NN 7 it appears as a
number 5. How can I fix this in NN?

2. In IE 6, increasing the font size in a browser does not change appearance
of the .NET controls. In NN 7, the controls grow and overlap. Is it possible
to keep the controls unchanged?

In both cases, clientTarget="Uplevel".

Thank you.


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