Network Share and Nethood Issue



I have a Server with a Workstation connected via an Ethernet LAN. Both use
WinXP SP3. The server has two drives for redundancy and reliability. It is
a dual boot setup. The new drive recently added has partitions C:
(bootable) and E: for backups for D:. The older drive has partitions D:
(bootable) and G: with three network shares (one is used for a mapped drive
on the Workstation). Network sharing (both folder and mapped drive) works
fine when using the older drive as server.

But when booting to the new drive (C: ), the network share on C: is not
visible to the Workstation. This is the share needed for the mapped drive on
the Workstation. The two network shares on G: are still visible and usable
by the Workstation. Both computers are in the same network group and are
visible in the My Network display. I noticed the inoperative share
properties has an entry of Origin: Nethood. This is different than the
shares on G: which have the path to the network share in the format
\\Comp\Folder. Is NetHood the culprit? Is there something special about
shares on a C: partition? Is there possibly an issue with Administrative
Shares? I have spent many hours in research and trying various ideas.


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