Network linking 2 machines


Deon H


Hi there. I'm totally new to what I am asking now, so please help me out.

I have a PC (XP Prof) and a Laptop (XP Prof)
I have hooked them up with a network cable to tranfer files from the on to
the other.
I have managed to have the two machines see one another, but the one do not
want to "share" files, even though I have changed the folder to share.

My Question:
1. Is it a must to boot the 2 machines so that they ask passwords? I have
set them up with blank passwords, as it is only me who are working with the
two machines.
2. What is the trick to have them exchanging files? When I want to view a
folder, it either asks me for a username and password, or I get the Error
window which tells me that I do not have permission.
3. Is it wrong to have the two machines have exactly the same Usernames for

Last one ...
I have asked some friends of mine on you to set up my home network. Almost
50% suggests to use the wizard for this and the other half says the wizard
is crap. Any light here?

Hope you can help me out here.


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