Network Connection Configuration Problems


Larry Jones

When I remove my internet connection software (using
the 'Add or Remove Programs' facility in Control Panel)
the Dial-up and LAN or High-Speed Internet components are
removed as expected. However, when I try to use the
Create a New Connection wizard (choosing the manual
option and 'Connect using a Dial-Up Modem') the dialog
tells me that I have several devices to choose from but
they are all identical and correspond to previous
removals of the programs.
So it seems that the remove programs facility does not
completely remove them.
How do I get rid of them?

If, after reinstalling the program, I choose one of these
residual entries for my connection in the wizard the
connection fails and subsequently choosing the new one
also fails.

In addition, when I do the reinstall I get several error
messages and suggestions on the taskbar that the hardware
has not installed properly and may not work properly. I
am sure that it's the residual device entries which are
causing this problem.

I have Windows XP Pro (with all the upgrades and
patches). The connection is the Freeserve Broadband
connection using a Copperjet modem.

How do I remove all reference to the device when I remove

Thanks, in advance.



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