Network cable unplugged



Hey, i have a problem ive been trying to fix for months. I installed a new
cooling fan for my video card and when i started up my computer it kept
flashing network cable unplugged and id have no access to the internet. ive
tried everything. power cycling, new cables reinstalling drivers,
reinstalling windows xp. my network card is on my motherboard. everything
works fine on my other computer. i finnaly got my internet to work by setting
my duplex speed to half duplex 10mbs, but now my internet is soooo slow. so i
wanna know if anyone can help me get my duplex back up to full duplex 100mbs
and regain my speed, plus i dont have another pci slot

thanks in advance




I dont think it has anything to do with changing a cooling fan. I
believe XP has a problem with this issue where it keeps popping up a
message " network cable unplugged" Please check microsoft knowledgebase
at for this issue. ALso check to see what XP
service PACK you are on.


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