.net socket question



I've been messing around with sockets for a bit and i got most of it down (i
The server side is an asynchronous tcp socket listener with sits and waits
for data.
The client side uses TcpClient to connect.
Connecting, sending and receiving data, error handling, ... all works fine.
The problem is when closing the connection.

Now as i understand it, closing the socket works as follows:
client -> tcp finish command
server -> acknowledges and sets its own finish command
client -> acknowledges again

What i do in code is just this
Which i think should handle all the internal commands to wrap up (right ?,
they are tpc sockets afterall). This results in the server socket going
into CLOSE_WAIT state, and the client socket going into FIN_WAIT_2 state.
They stay in that state until i close either the server or the client.
I tried making the async socket do a close command too, but that didnt
change anything at all.
I've searched through almost all the documentation i could find, but i must
still be missing something.

Could someone tell me what it is i still need to do to wrap up closing the
sockets ...


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