Need Complex Subform Help!!!



I'm basically an old Foxpro programmer with some basic Access experience. The
last complex Access project I did was a LONG time ago for Y2K. Here's what
I've got to deal with now:

The user selects a month and year (on the main form). Year comes out of one
table, the month comes from another table. The contents of the subform
(financial data) come out of a single table. The subform shows planned values
and actual values for the month and year selected. Each value is in its own
field; plan and actual values for a given month/year are in a single record.
I have set up the relationships between the year and month table and the
financial table.

Here's what I have forgotten how to do. How do I get the subform to update
based on the user selection of month and year?

There's also a bit of a non-standard operation. ONE of the displayed values
comes from the PRIOR month. I need a good idea on how to get and display one
field from the prior month's record.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this.

Bud Izen

(e-mail address removed)


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