My Experiance for Vista RC 1



I know many of you have posted your experiance on installing Vista, so I
thought I would post mine.

Many have sucessfully "upgraded" from Beta 2 to RC 1, however, I have seen
more and more post about doing a bare bone or clean install. With my
experiance I tried both. I could never get the upgrade to work. So I
decided to just do the clean install option on my HD. I didn't format, just
decided to do a clean option listed on the Vista install. Well, it actualy
went all the way. However, around the end, it (what I THOUGHT) froze.

I read on previous posts that the install will pause at times, and don't
reboot. Just walk away. It got late into the evening, and quite a few beers
later, I got impatient. Now with previous versions of windows, if you
rebooted the machine, it usualy did a disk check and went back to the
install. Nope, not this one. I will say the samething that I had read on
my rebooting, when it loaded into VISTA RC 1, it gave me an error message
saying it was unable to finish install due to a shut down (or something like
that), and restart the machine and re-run the setup program (This is not the
excate terms, but you get the idea).

Well, I tried to boot into safe mode, and it said it could not finish
install under safe mode. Needless to say, It was in a vicious cycle of just
rebooting. I couldn't even boot into safe mode with command prompt. Not
having a DVD burner, I was running the install from the HD. So, you can
guess it, I was for the most part screwed.

Well, not to give up, I formated the HD, and re-installed XP, but no
updates. I downloaded the RC 1, and started the install. It got right to
work. It said that since I didn't have SP 1 or SP 2 installed on XP it had
to do a clean install. That was fine with me, because that was what I was
going to do any way. Well, about 45 minutes later, it was finishing the
install, and getting all the basic info (name, Date/Time, ect) about 1 hour
later, I was at a usuable Desk top.

Now, I have read many problems with video drivers. I too have this problem.
I installed the video driver 3 times I guess after the 4th time, Vista gave
up, and let me install it. I was able to resize my desk top to it's normal
size (was in that huge 16 bit 680 size, that I hate). Not Vista does have
some isues with the driver, but only when I switch users (From my Wife to
mine, or vise versa). The compter will go to that "Blue screen of Death",
and reboot. But after that, everything works fine. It seems it will not
take my monitor driver thou. But everything looks good, so that is not an

All in all, it is a great improvement over Beta 2. The only thing I regret
is when I had to wipe out the HD, I lost the Office 07 beta. Now they are
charging for the DL. Not that I mind paying the price, but they only offer a
CC/DC option. Since I don't use those, I am unable to get the DL now. I
wish they would allow those of us who originaly DLed it, to DL it for free.
I can understand that there are many out there who are just now getting it,
so I can see charging them for it. But those of us who had to go through the
experiance of Upgrading to RC 1 and maybe losing it, should be able to DL it
for free.

Hope this post had some information that some may be able to use, or
generaly was plesent. If not I will say sorry in advance for wasting your

Have fun,
Lizard Man..Reptile of the Night


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