Music and playlists will not display in Library



I've had some problems with viruses on my PC. Somehow, a part of my WMP app
has been deleted or corrupted. When I start up WMP 11, I get a message that
my Library is empty and that I have no playlists. I have thousands of tracks
on my PC, and my WMP has worked just fine for 5+ years.

Also, I have a Roku digital media player connected to my PC through WMP and
it works just fine - all music and playlists show up and can be accessed
through the Roku.

I'm hesitant to re-download WMP 11, in case it deletes all of my playlists
and current connections to the Roku, but if that's what it takes to fix the
problem, then that's what I'll have to do.

Any suggestions?


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