Multiple windows of calc.exe open



I recently observed some malicious virus/worm wherein multiple windows of
calc.exe open to the number of 100's to 200's.
I formatted my HDD and reinstalled xp again,yet the calculator's multiple
windows rapidly open without any clicking.
Is it because of boot virus or bad sectors in HDD?
I just cannot stop the rapidly opening windows of calci and it becomes
really irritating.
plz guide.



Ted Zieglar

If you [correctly] formatted your entire hard disk then the disk
(including the master boot record) was effectively erased. In that event
you were re-infected in one of two ways: 1) the same way you got
infected in the first place, e.g. not being careful on the internet; or
2) by restoring an infected file from backup.

Bad sectors in a hard disk do not cause the problem you describe.

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