Multi-User Security on a Replicated Database



We have built a relatively large database in access and we are now attempting
to secure a replica of it on a network. The problem that we are running into
is that when we secure one side of the file (Replica or Design Master) and
run a synchronization on the files, we are locked out of the unsecured side.
We have tried securing the design master and placing a replica in the folder
that we want our users to operate from. We have placed the design master in
the folder we want the users to operate from and run a replica to be used to
make changes. We have run every conceivable combination of master and replica
that we can think of and we get the same result. The basic idea behind having
a replica and master is so we can work on and update one version and simply
synchronize the two versions so that we can update without kicking our users
out of the database while we are doing updates. Is it possible to create a
master and replica and secure the replica on a server with user level
security and still be able to get into the master after a synchronization? If
so, what steps do we need to take to do this? Any assistance on this would be
greatly appreciated.


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