#msntb_toolbar_full_name# is unable to load its config file



Problem installing MSN Search Bar.

My DeskTop PC Windows-XP-PRO-SP2 was working fine; an drecently I had
installed some patches recommended by "Windows Update".

Now , when I launch IE or explorer , a small window pops-up with
the message "#msntb_toolbar_full_name# is unable to load its config file".

I tried may solutions suggested in Form.Microsoft.

Un-install MSN Tool bar ( either using Add-remove programs or
Microsoft-Uninstaller-utility ) ; reboot ; re-install latest "MSN Search
Same problem appears -> " #msntb_toolbar_full_name# is unable to load its
config file".

OS is Genuine as indicated by WGA online-check.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance!

Best Regards

Software Configuration Management Consultant:IBM-Rational & OpenSource Tools



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